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  1. The referring physicians office may provide the patient with literature regarding the Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) procedure. Internet sites such as or may provide additional information.
  2. The referring physicians office should provide the patient with a referral for an MRI of the pelvis with and without contrast, following the Uterine Fibroid Protocol. The indication will be Pre-Uterine Artery Embolization/ Symptomatic Fibroids. This can be called to the MRI Department of your choice or to the MRI department of one of the hospitals which we staff. (Ultrasound evaluations are helpful, but not generally acceptable alone to determine candidacy). The MRI should be completed in a closed magnet, with and without contrast, to obtain the best possible images. We will need a copy of the MRI report and actual images, printed or on CD at the time of consultation. If you are unable to obtain a prescription for an MRI from your referring physican then we will provide one for you from our office. Please call 215 462 2100.
  3. Prospective patients can print a copy of the uterine fibroid embolization questionnaire, informing them that this paperwork should be completed and brought with them to the hospital of their choice or the office of Interventional Associates when they meet with one of our physicans.
  4. Following completion of the MRI examination, the referring physicians office should then have the most recent Pap smear, date and results of last cervical culture, OB/GYN history & physical, as well as results of recent blood tests, endometrial biopsy if available/indicated, and other tests including both reports and copies of MRI films if from outside institutions, faxed or mailed to Interventional Associates. Prior MRI's or Ultrasound images can be sent to Interventional Assoicates, specifying that they are for UAE assessment prior films may be brought at time of initial appointment. A prescription for Initial Consultation for Uterine Fibroid Embolization should be forwarded as well to our office and , physicians or patients may call 215 462 2100 , or by faxing a prescription for to 215 462 3100 . An appointment date and time will then be scheduled at the office of Interventional Assoicates or at the hospital of your choice for the initial consultation.
  5. Initial Consultation for Uterine Fibroid Embolization These appointments are typically in the afternoon. There the patient will be registered for the consultation and basic vital signs will be obtained in the Interventional Radiology Department. The patient will then meet with one of our Physicans in the Interventional Radiology Department, and will discuss the pre procedure questionnaire, complete a history and physical as well as discuss the procedure, the results of the MRI and answer any questions the prospective patient may have.
  6. Following consultation between the patient and one of our Physicans, a summary of the patient interview and review of all patient exams/lab tests, will be transcribed and sent to the referring physicians office detailing whether the patient is or is not a candidate for uterine fibroid embolization. If the referral was from a primary care physician, a copy of the summary can also be mailed to the patients gynecologist, as desired. If the patient does not have a gynecologist, a gynecologist familiar with the procedure may be consulted.
  7. If the patient is considering epidural pain control she may call the Anesthesiology Department at one of our hospitals and schedule an appointment to speak with an anesthesiologist either in person or by telephone prior to the procedure.
  8. Following receipt of the summary, the referring physician may contact us to discuss the procedure or with any additional questions, or if the patient is a candidate, then the referring physician may simply schedule the procedure at one of our hospitals. Physicians may call 215 462 2100 or fax a prescription for Uterine Fibroid Embolization, and may specify, With or Without Epidural Anesthesia, to 215 462 3100. The referring physicians office should fax the Request for Service Requisition to include insurance authorization to the Scheduling Department and request anesthesiologist services if epidural anesthesia is desired. The Interventional Radiology Scheduling Department will determine the availability of our Physicians and follow their specific guidelines for scheduling including a 23 hour admission to the OB/GYN floor if available. The patient will be admitted to Interventional Associates' service, for the 23 hour observation and pain control.
  9. On the day of the procedure the patient should arrive in the Outpatinent Surgical Unit, of the hospital agreed upon, as directed. Typically, the procedure will be completed before noon and IV or epidural pain control will be instituted during the 23 hour observation period. The patient will be transitioned to oral pain medication, anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medications the day after the procedure. Usually, the patient will be discharged at about noon the following day for a 7 day recuperation using these oral medications.
  10. Telephone follow-up in 1 day, one week, and one month should be completed between the patient and our staff. Immediate follow-up should be completed if symptoms occur.
  11. The referring physicians office or Interventional Associates should provide the patient with a referral for an MRI follow up evaluation (with and without contrast) 3 months after completion of the UAE procedure. Upon completion of the 3 month MRI a follow-up visit may be scheduled with one of our physicans to review the MRI findings.
  12. If the referring physician has any questions regarding the UAE procedure please feel free to call us at 215 462 2100.

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